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Below you will find grammar lesson plans and worksheets used in the class discussion.  You will have to write a test for each grammatical point listed on your training plan; however, you are encouraged to review the grammatical points in your textbook prior to that.  Also below, you will find the hand-outs for the other items required on your training plan: reading/media analyses, paragraph and essay writing, summarizing, business letters and research paper. These hand-outs are for support only.  You are expected to be in class to participate in specific exercises and for the full discussion of requirements and expectations. Just click on the item to open up the hand-out.

Hard copies are available in class.




Fragment Session and Practice

Modifier Lesson Plan

Parallelism Session and Practice


Run on Sentences Session and Practice

Semi colon Session and Worksheet with Transitional Chart

Grammar Workshop – Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

Person Agreement Lesson Plan

Verb Tense Consistency Lesson Plan





EAC 140 and GED


Essay Writing


Paragraph Writing

GED EAC 140 Business Writing



EAC 149:

EAC 149 Media Analysis Worksheet


Essay Writing

Research Paper Hand-out



Seneca Library
















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