Newmarket English Students

May 2, 2018

Tuesday May 8th at 10 a.m. – teacher-led session on Research Project requirements

Please click on link below:

Teacher-led Sessions 2018 May to June


To Newmarket Academic Upgrading Students:

February 20, 2018

NEW:  English is now offered an additional 2 hours per week:

Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30 – 3:30.

Please see attached revised Newmarket Timetable.

Newmarket Time Table

Elise Sheridan, Ed.D.
Academic Upgrading Program
Newmarket/ Vaughan

Seneca College
of Applied Arts & Technology

16655 Yonge St.| Newmarket, ON  L3X1V6
905.898.6199 ext. 44817

Attention: Newmarket English Students

October 2, 2017

The attached documents are the exercises that were discussed in class:

  1. Summarizing guide and Training Plan requirements
  2. Colon punctuation mark use

Colon Session and Practice EAC 140 Summarising

EAC 149 SummarizingEAC 140 Summarising

EAC 149 Summarizing

Attention Vaughan English students

September 30, 2017

The Vaughan English class on Wednesday October 4/17  has been cancelled.
Thank you.

Attention Newmarket English Students

September 19, 2017

Attached is an overview of the rules for the use of quotation marks that were discussed today.  There is also a worksheet at the end that will help you practice this punctuation mark.  For further details and practice, go to your textbook.




Quotation Lesson

Attention: Newmarket English Students

September 18, 2017

Attention Newmarket English Students:

Please find attached a link to the requirements and rubric for the reading analysis section on your training plan.  The first analysis is due Monday September 25, 2017.

We also discussed the components of an essay that will help you analyze the readings:  attention-getter/hook, thesis statement, topic sentence, organizing main ideas, paragraph development, summary of main ideas, memorable statement/clincher, audience and level of language.  For information on these items, please refer to your textbook.


Reading Analysis Instructions


Thank you




Newmarket English Students – Fall Schedule

September 3, 2017

Teacher-led Schedule Fall 2017

Sessions start at 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will not be repeated. Handouts will be available on the website:

Date  Class Activities
Tues. Sept. 5 OrientationTraining Plans

Vocabulary Pre-assessment

SRA Reading Assessment

Milestone #2

Mon. Sept. 11 Apostrophe session and test
Tues. Sept. 12 Comma session and test
Mon. Sept. 18 Reading Analysis discussion and requirements
Tues. Sept. 19 Quotation session and test
Mon. Sept. 25 Summarizing session and in-class exercises
Tues. Sept. 26 Summarizing session and in-class exercises cont’dSummary requirements and discussion

Colon session and test

Mon. Oct. 2 Semi-colon session and test
Tues. Oct. 3 EAC 140 Students – Business Letter session and in-class exercisesFragments session and test
Mon. Oct. 9 Thanksgiving Day – no class
Tues. Oct. 10 Run-ons session and testEAC 149 Students – Media Analysis requirements and discussion
Mon. Oct. 16 Parallelism session and test
Tues. Oct. 17 Modifier session and test
Mon. Oct. 23 Paragraph Workshop and in-class exercisesPronoun Agreement session and test
Tues. Oct. 24 Pronoun Antecedent session and testParagraph Workshop and in-class exercises cont’d

EAC 140 Students – Paragraph Summary requirements & discussion

Mon. Oct. 30 Subject-verb Agreement session and testEssay Workshop and in-class exercises
Tues. Oct. 31 Consistent Verb Tense session and testEssay Workshop and in-class exercises cont’d

EAC 149 Students – essay summary requirement s and discussion

Essay requirements and discussions

Mon. Nov. 6 EAC 149 Students – research project requirements and discussionEAC 149 Students – Culminating Task – 3 hours
Tuesday December 12**Last day of class** EAC 149 Students – Final Exam – 2 hoursEAC 140 Students – Final Exam – 2 hours

All Students – Vocabulary post-assessment

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