To Newmarket and Vaughan students:

December 21, 2017
AU Classes will now resume on Tuesday January 2/18.
Class schedules will remain as previous till January 12/18.
On behalf of the Newmarket/Vaughan AU staff, I would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season!
Elise Sheridan, Ed. D.

Academic Upgrading Program
Seneca College

All Math Students – Quizlet

December 6, 2017

Need help with your multiplication tables or your division sets?

Please use this link below to take you to QUIZLET a free website that allows you to create a FREE account.
You can then join a NEW CLASS I created called MATH PREP.
In Math prep you will find two “SETS” :
Division Sets
Multiplication tables
You will be able to use flash cards to help you learn, create tests to see your progress and there is a matching games to make learning a little more fun.
Please give it a try and let me know if you need any help.
When you create your user name please use your first name and last name as your user name so I know who is in the class.
You can use any web browser to access your account and participate.
For iPhones or Andriod users there is a Quizlet  app that allows you to practice and learn anywhere you go – its free please download it and give it a try.
Bill Giannos

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